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Lost and found

Have you lost something in our foundation building in Berlin during an event? Please contact us with details of the item and the time of loss:

Inquiries about study support (scholarships)

Please refer to the pages of our Scholarship Department for information on the conditions for funding and send your enquiries directly to the Scholarship Department.

Applications for a job or internship

f you are interested, please only apply directly for one of the advertised promotions. We ask you to refrain from unsolicited applications, as we can only allocate positions on the basis of the staffing plan.

Enquiries to employees or departments of the foundation

All contact details can be found in the organization chart.


Please use the logotypes offered here for download only in agreement with the Political Communication Department (

Inquiries about events or topics

Please contact the contact addresses given for individual events, topics or publications directly.

Other requests

Please dial the central dial-in number +49 (0)30 44310-0 or write an email to