Antifascism and the Politics of Remembrance

Given the ongoing broad public interest in dealing with topics of resistance against Nazism and the declining possibilities to conduct remembrance through communication with eyewitnesses, alternative ways and methods of historical-political educational work are needed. The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation works hard to promote and initiate historical learning processes in which a biographical, intergenerational approach plays a central role.


Role Details
Referentin für Zeitgeschichte und historisch-biographisches LernenDr. Cornelia Domaschke
Phone: +49 30 44310151
Room: 3.11

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Video | 07.05.202075 Years Since Lib­er­a­tion – An­ti­fas­cist Struggles Back Then and Today

How do we remember fascism in Europe? What does it mean for our struggles today?  On the occasion…