West Asia

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation has maintained an active presence in West Asia since the beginning of its international work in 2000

In light of the intersecting political and economic crises in the region and the rise of an increasingly authoritarian and nationalistic politics, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation supports partner organizations in civil society committed to building democratic, solidarity-based, and gender-equitable societies. To this end, we strive as an institution to bolster progressive initiatives and facilitate networking between organizations.

Achieving and preserving spaces for democratic debate and political action is a central aspect of this work. Building up exchanges and networks in an international context, learning together, and living together in solidarity are at the heart of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s work. Especially given the large refugee and migration movements in and from West Asia, the (self-)organization of the diaspora, campaigning from abroad for emancipatory and just prospects in their home countries, is an important component of our network.


  • Bolstering the political activity of left organizations
  • Building and preserving open spaces for democratic action and political debate
  • Critical reappraisal of wars and conflicts and post-conflict settings
  • Progressive approaches in the field of social and economic rights
  • Equal rights and access for people in the context of flight and migration
  • Supporting local actors in the fight for food sovereignty and a self-determined existence

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation has locations in Palestine, Israel, and Lebanon. Our programme work encompasses Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.