The Working Class Strikes Back


The cost-of-living crisis and spiralling inflation have sparked an uptick in labour militancy across Europe. Even in Germany, renowned for its stable social partnership, public sector workers recently staged what the press called a “megastrike”, and the latest rounds of collective bargaining have seen multiple warning strikes across a number of industries. Could the working class be gearing up to take the offensive? What kind of strategies will we need to win, and are the trade unions up to the challenge?

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation has worked to strengthen the labour movement since its inception, in line with our understanding that strong trade unions are crucial to shift the global balance of power in our side’s favour. A central part of this work are the trade union renewal conferences that the foundation hosts on a semi-annual basis, the latest of which kicks off later this month. As we get ready for our biggest trade union conference yet, we take a closer look at labour struggles at home and around the world, and dive into the strategic debates that will shape the class battles to come.

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