DossierFair Play in Sport

From the World Cup to the Olympic Games, fans around the world cheer on major sporting events. But not everyone involved has reason to celebrate. Politicians and the sports industry are often handed a red card when it comes to important issues like human rights and climate protection. Our dossier “Fair Play in Sport” sheds light on the dark sides of these international events and highlights the criticisms of experts, fans, and those affected. 

Reclaim the Game Speakers’ Tour

As the 2022 Men’s World Cup in Qatar draws closer, we turn our eyes and ears to the people whose labour makes the event possible in the first place: workers. To provide the infrastructure for major sporting events, workers are recruited from all over the world. Often these are domestic and/or international migrant workers whose employment is inadequately protected by precarious employment and occupational health and safety laws, leading to exploitation, displacement and oppression. This is confirmed by the enormously high death toll on construction sites for the World Cup in Qatar, estimated at 6,500.

In order to give a voice to those who are often not heard, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is organizing the Reclaim the Game Speakers’ Tour

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The inhumane working conditions on the World Cup construction sites in Qatar have been making…

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