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Video | 02.05.2022"Art Doesn't Stop at Bor­ders"

In Conversation with Illustrator Brian Stauffer

Video | 27.04.2022Pesti­cides: An Ex­pens­ive Busi­ness

How the use of pesticides imposes immense costs on society

Video | 15.04.2022The French Elec­tions and the Fu­ture of French Polit­ics

What can we learn from the initial results, what can we expect in the second round, and what does it…

Video | 06.04.2022Re­claim the Game

How the 2022 World Cup in Qatar demonstrates the urgent need for human rights-based and…

Video | 02.03.2022A Har­vest of Drought

Southern Africans are straining under the devastating impacts of climate change

Video | 09.02.2022Fight­ing Cli­mate Change in Casamance

In Senegal, the encroaching sea has wiped out many communities and sea water is making it impossible…

Video | 27.01.2022What Win­ning Looks Like

A new organizing series from Jane McAlevey and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Video | 19.01.2022Launch of the European Net­work of An­ti­fas­cist Mon­it­or­ing (ENAM)

Introducing the idea behind the international antifascist research project ENAM and presenting its…

Video | 05.01.2022What Win­ning Looks Like

Staring victory in the face — one campaign at a time

Video | 15.12.2021We Are Be­com­ing Es­tranged From the City

A conversation about struggles against gentrification and the displacement of small businesses in…

Video | 22.11.2021Sys­tem­atic Foul Play: The 2022 World Cup in Qatar

The inhumane working conditions on the World Cup construction sites in Qatar have been making…

Video | 11.11.2021COP26: Steps Back­wards in­stead of Ad­vance­ments

Tetet Lauron and Katja Voigt on the COP26 in Glasgow and what is at stake in the final days of the…