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Video | 02.01.2024The Fight of Our Lives

An exclusive interview with Jane McAlevey hosted by Organizing for Power

Video | 08.12.2023Seek­ing a Dif­fer­ent Path

In conversation with Standing Together, a Jewish-Arab grassroots movement in Israel

Video | 30.11.2023The Free­dom of Move­ment

No one flees voluntarily: wars, persecution, violence, poverty or the climate crisis force people to…

Video | 30.11.2023The Move

The perspective of survivors of the impacts of the climate crisis

Video | 30.11.2023The Right to Peace

Peace is more than the absence of war

Video | 30.11.2023Health is a Hu­man Right

Everyone has the right to the highest attainable standard of health in order to lead a life in…

Video | 30.11.2023The Right to Food

Well over 700 million people worldwide suffer from hunger. Why is that?

Video | 21.11.2023Phase Out Haz­ard­ous Pesti­cides! | Pham thi Hieu

Pham thi Hieu from the Faculty of Agronomy of the Department of Entomology Trau Quy in Vietnam says…

Video | 21.11.2023Phase Out Haz­ard­ous Pesti­cides! | Norm­ita Ig­nacio

Strict compliance laws should compel agrochemical corporations to comply with the United Nations…

Video | 21.11.2023Phase Out Haz­ard­ous Pesti­cides! | Marie Adams

Marie Adams a former farm worker from South Africa: “I developed uterine cancer as a result of…

Video | 21.11.2023Phase Out Haz­ard­ous Pesti­cides! | John­stone Njoroge

Johnstone Njoroge a small-scale food producer from Kenya: “I have suffered from an inflammatory skin…