Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism

The Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism (HCDM) is nothing less than a comprehensive Marxist lexicon which, upon completion, will span 15 volumes and over 1,500 entries. Conceived by the philosopher Wolfgang Fritz Haug in 1983, the first volume of the HCDM was published in 1994 by the Hamburg-based publishing house Argument. Since 1996, it has been sponsored by the Berlin Institute for Critical Theory and involved over 800 scholars from around the globe.

So far, nine volumes have appeared in the original German. Two volumes have appeared in Chinese since 2017, and in 2019, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation partnered with the HCDM team to further its “globalization” into English and Spanish, with the ultimate aim of recruiting a new generation of Marxist scholars from around the globe to the project and expanding its readership and reach. A selection of those translations is available here. For more information on the project, check out the new HCDM blog.

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