16 April 2024 Discussion/Lecture Energy Partnerships on Equal Footing?

Exploring the risks and opportunities of Germany’s foreign energy policy


Event location

Bibliothek, 1.OG
Straße der Pariser Kommune 8A
10243 Berlin


16.04.2024, 18:00 - 20:00 Hr


Socio-ecological Transformation, Economic / Social Policy, Western Europe, Commons / Social Infrastructure, Southern Africa, West Africa, East Africa


Energy Partnerships on Equal Footing?
Das BMZ unterstützt Südafrika bei der Umsetzung einer sozial gerechten Energiewende... ohne Gegenleistung? CC BY 2.0, Lollie-Pop, via Flickr

According to Germany’s Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Robert Habeck, the energy crisis in the country is “over”. In recent years, the coalition government has campaigned in favour of numerous “energy partnerships” with other countries, and officials on all sides have repeatedly proclaimed the supposed “win-win” nature of those partnerships.

This event will take a critical look at some of the projects organized between Germany and Europe on the one hand, and Senegal, Nigeria, and South Africa on the other. To what extent do the so-called “partnerships” threaten to reproduce existing structures of exploitation and inequality? Who benefits from energy extraction and production? And alternatively, what would partnerships have to look like to actually become the much-vaunted opportunity for the countries being discussed?

We look forward to discussing these and other questions with:

  • Roland Ngam, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Southern Africa
  • Ibrahima Thiam, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Western Africa
  • Nina Treu, Die Linke

Moderator: Neelke Wagner, PowerShift

The discussion will be simultaneously interpreted from English into German.

An event organized by urgewald, PowerShift, Deutsche Umwelthilfe and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.



Franza Drechsel

Senior Advisor and Project Manager West Africa, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

Phone: +49 30 44310 445