Greece Regional Office

Our regional office in Athens coordinates the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s work in Greece and individual projects on migration in the Mediterranean region

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With Syriza’s assumption of power in 2015, the growing social movements that preceded this electoral victory, Greece’s particular regional situation in the migration movements, and the ongoing social crisis through the austerity regime, Greece remains in a multifaceted crisis situation.

The experiences of the civil war and the military dictatorship, but also Greece’s occupation by Nazi Germany, are still in need of a reappraisal that we support.


  • Solidarity and Emancipation
    Social movements are the basis for the development of solidarity-based models of society and economy. Based on best practice examples and the development of new ideas for the common design of the production, distribution, and management of goods and services, we develop and examine alternative models. Our focus is on European and global social and labour policy.

    At the same time, social solidarity is the cornerstone for the emancipation of groups, classes, and individuals. It confronts all forms of exclusion and discrimination and allows all people to participate in social, political, and economic processes. Whether the management of common goods, welcoming migrants, or the fight against right-wing extremism: solidarity and emancipation are key to regaining control over socio-political and economic spheres of life that are currently dominated by neoliberal financial and economic capitalism.
  • Socio-Ecological Transformation
    The current economic system is in acute crisis, which is reflected in all aspects of social life in Europe and worldwide. A transformation of the economic system is a possible way out of the multiple crisis.

    The socio-ecological dimension is the starting point for this transformation. At the centre are questions about fair energy production, distribution and management, the efficiency of commodifying concepts such as “nature” or services, and about clean and sustainable industry.

    This is about resource and environmentally friendly energy or raw material production, but also about democratic and inclusive management of energy production or industries. And, of course, sustainability and fairness in distribution: jobs, basic services, and quality of life belong under one roof. We explore how this can be achieved with our publications and events on the topic.
  • Global Power and Resistance
    We analyse the causes and effects of the global crisis in different regions of the world, and develop strategies for different key issues (economic systems, trade policy) as well as world regions (parts of the Global South, BRICS countries). We examine the role of international organizations (EU, UN, IMF, WB, WTO, etc.) and formulate action steps.

    Our focus is on the trade policy of the North, which tries to maintain its hegemonic position vis-à-vis the South and the BRICS countries. The development of overarching positions for transformational processes, strategies for action of international solidarity, and left-wing responses to the crisis are the core of this thematic block.
  • Crises and Solutions from the Left
    This thematic block covers the situation and development of the Left in Europe and various world regions. The examination of the underlying social structures, the capacity for strategy, action, and cooperation within and outside parliaments are one aspect. The analysis of cooperation between the European Left and the Left around the world also plays a major role.

    Another aspect is the defence of democracy, which also includes questions of majorities/minorities, migration, and flight. Here, we deal with inner-European processes (Fortress Europe, racism) as well as with the elaboration of key issues in cooperation with other world regions (e.g. Eastern Europe and Eurasia). Furthermore, we are dedicated to resistance against authoritarian and right-wing extremism.
Athens Regional Office

Director: Friedrich Burschel

Kallidromiou Str. 17
10680, Athens