RLS Office in Great Britain and Ireland

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation‘s London Office focuses its work on economic democracy, deep organzing, and political education in Great Britain and Ireland.

Founded in 2020, the London office of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung was set up to broaden and deepen the foundation’s work in Western Europe and English-speaking countries. Alongside this, and in the context of the UK’s departure from the EU, our team will pay particular attention to ensuring that cooperation and exchange between the British Left and its German, European, and global counterparts do not diminish in the post-Brexit era, but are expanded. Alongside this, a key motivation for establishing the office was our desire to have deeper and closer connections to Ireland, and we are currently establishing a strong programme of work across the island of Ireland with the Irish left. This work is, of course, only becoming more crucial as the impacts of Brexit on the island of Ireland become clearer and starker.

Regional Office for the UK and Ireland

Head of Office: Tsafrir Cohen

Pelican House
144 Cambridge Heath Road
London E1 5QJ


The Team

Joe Beswick


Project Manager, with responsibility for our work on political economy, and anti-racist futures. Originally, from Wakefield in West Yorkshire, Joe moved to London ten years ago. Before joining the Stiftung, he was the Head of Housing and Land at the left wing think tank New Economics Foundation working across policy, campaigning and community organising to contribute to the struggle for a socially just housing and land system. Before this, he worked at Asylum Aid, a legal and support organisation for refugees, and at Brent Community Law Centre, a grassroots human rights NGO. Joe recently completed his PhD in urban political economy, focussing on the financialization of public housing and municipal policy in London. Outside of work and education, he has been a longstanding housing and land justice activist. Most recently, he helped set up the London Renters Union, a member-led union building tenant power in order to bring an end to landlordism in the city.

Tsafrir Cohen


Director. Born in Tel Aviv in 1966, he grew up in Israel and Canada and immigrated at a young age via London to Berlin, which has been his home since 1986. There he worked as a journalist and publicist, at the same time initiating colloquia and literary weeks and coordinating numerous other cultural events. In response to 9/11, he returned to the Middle East, first as a student of Arab and Middle East studies with long stays in Cairo, then from 2007 to 2010 as a representative of the human rights and humanitarian aid organization medico international for Israel/Palestine based in East Jerusalem, then Ramallah. In 2011, he became Middle East senior adviser at medico's Frankfurt headquarters, before moving to Tel Aviv in 2015 as director of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung’s Israel office, until moving to London in 2020 in the same capacity.

Deborah Hermanns


Project manager with the focal points political education and organizing. Originally, from Berlin, she moved to the UK in 2011 to study European Politics, Society and Economics at the University of Birmingham and later on Political Sociology at the London School of Economics. She was active in the UK student movement between 2013 and 2016, organising in support of free education and the end to the neoliberal university as an organizer with the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts. Since 2016, she has been involved with organizing The World Transformed, the UK’s largest political education and arts festival, taking place at Labour party conference every year. Most recently, she was elected to the National Coordinating group of Momentum, the biggest organization on the Labour left.

Emma Williams


Operations and Finance Manager. Originally from Manchester, she began her career as Finance and Administration Officer for a front line arts and social care charity providing support to male sex workers. Since moving to London, Emma has worked for a series of organisations committed to challenging the logic of capital and building a fairer and more just economy. Most recently, she served as Finance and Administration Officer for the Women’s Budget Group, a feminist economic think tank, helping to coordinate an eighteen-month Commission developing policies to promote a gender equal economy. Outside of work, Emma is a dedicated feminist and activist, working to promote the adoption of shorter working hours via the Campaign for a Four Day Week, and helping to build power among renters as an active member of the London Renters Union.