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Our Kyiv regional office coordinates the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s work in Ukraine

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Since 24 February 2022, Russia has been waging a war of conquest against Ukraine that has profoundly and essentially threatened and shaken the country and society. Tens of thousands of people have fallen victim to this war of aggression so far, and a large part of the country’s industrial infrastructure has already been destroyed by bombs. The existence of the independent Ukrainian state is at stake, millions of people continue to fight for their survival, have fled within the country or abroad, several thousands have been deported to Russia or are currently living under occupation.

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation strongly condemns the Russian invasion and has been providing support to its partner organizations since the first day of the war. We helped many people to flee their bombed-out homeland. Several times, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation staff members organized donations on a voluntary basis and collected relief supplies for the affected Ukrainian population.

We are in solidarity with our partners and left-wing activists who are defending their country against foreign invasion and making efforts to help in times of need, sometimes risking their lives in the process. At stake in this war are also the values that the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation has actively promoted in recent years: defence of social rights, workers’ rights, the struggle against discrimination, support for disadvantaged groups of the population, emancipation and freedom, also and especially the freedom of dissenters. The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation wants to continue to stand up for these values in Ukraine in the future.

We would like to see an end to the war on terms that only Ukrainian society itself is entitled to decide. In the current situation, it is extremely difficult to articulate social and emancipatory demands and interests. However, these are indispensable for a lasting stabilization and democratization of Ukrainian society. Ukrainian activists and non-governmental organizations working for social justice and the welfare state are often declared “pro-Russian traitors to the fatherland”. For them, participation in political processes is a high risk.

Against this backdrop, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation has set itself the long-term goal of addressing social justice and standing up for the rights of the weak and discriminated against. As far as this is possible under the conditions of war, we continue to work towards this goal. Our hopes are for an early end to the war and the reconstruction of Ukraine in solidarity.

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Kyiv Regional Office

Director: Ivo Georgiev

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