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The climate crisis effects people all over the world. At the same time solutions for fighting climate change and creating socially just, ecological and democratic alternatives are being pushed all over the planet as well. This is reflected in the publications from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation's offices and its partners which you will find below.

Indigenous Peoples and Traditional Knowledge in the Context of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Compilation of Decisions and Conclusions Adopted by the Parties to the Convention - 2019 Update

Edited by Sébastien Duyck, with contributions from Kim Gottschalk

CIEL - Center for International Environmental Law


Political ecology of the new geografies of coal

 The coal chain between Columbia and Turkey

Towards a Post Coal Mining Colombia: Contributions for a Socio-Environmentally Just Transition

by Andrea Cardoso & Ethemcan Turhan

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Andean Regional Office

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Cómo salir de la dependencia del carbón?

Elementos para debatir una transición socioeconómica en la Guajira

Hacia una Colombia post minería de carbón: aportes para una transición social y ambientalmente jusía

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Andean Regional Office


Social impacts of climate change in Mekong Delta

The victims of climate change

The social impact of climate change at the Vietnamese side of the Mekong River Delta

By Steffen Rohkohl

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Southeas Asia


Community Consultation and Monitoring in Hydropower Projects

Dual-use Approaches for Solar Energy and Food Production

International Experience and Potentials for Vietnam

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Southeast Asia in cooperation with GreenID Vietnam


Women and Climate Change in Nigeria

An interview with Caroline Usikpedo Founder and Executive Director of the Noble Delta Women for Peace and Development organisation

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Dakar


School of Ecology Uyo

A Call for Climate Justice

By Ibrahima Thiam

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Dakar


Seeing REDD : Communities, Forests and Carbon Trading in Nigeria

By Ken Henshaw and Fyneface D. Fyneface

Social Action Social Development Integrated Centre


Up in Smoke: Gas Flaring, Communities and Carbon Trading in Nigeria

By Isaac 'Asume' Osuoka,  Gibson Ikanone, Vivian Bellonwu­-Okafor, Orike Didi

Social Action Social Development Integrated Centre


The Road Less Travelled

Reclaiming Public Transport for Climate-ready Mobility

Trade Unions for Energy Democracy (TUED) in cooperation with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation New York Office and the Murphy Institute at the City University of New York