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After 60 years of the EU, it is time to talk again about the history of the union and the ventotene manifesto



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January 1970

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On 25 March 1957, the representatives of the governments of Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, West Germany, France and Italy signed the treaties establishing the European Economic Community and the European Atomic Energy Community in the Palazzo dei Conservatori, in Rome. This represented the beginning of the official history of the European Union, a Union that is currently facing several major crises. In sharp contrast to the anniversary celebrations organised by governments, the Left are discussing history, socio-political alternatives, strategies and actions. They are searching for the causes of their current political situation, and are looking for ways out of the crisis. The following contributes to this joint search with three proposals: debate the Ventotene Manifesto; address the history of the EU; and, analyse the history of the Left beginning with a critique of both the political opportunities that have been taken up and those that have been passed over.

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