Publication Soziale Bewegungen / Organisierung Some Reflections on the new German Left



July 2008

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Christoph Spehr, Michael Brie: What does Left-wing mean today? (May 2006)

Julia Bonk, Katja Kipping and Caren Lay: Freedom and socialism, let’s make it real (April 2006)

Sahra Wagenknecht, Tobias Pflüger, Nele Hirsch: For an anti-capitalist left  (March 2006)

Joachim Bischoff, Michael Brie, Wolfgang Gehrcke et al.: Programmatic corner stones on the road to a new Left Party in Germany (February 2006)

Lothar Bisky, Gregor Gysi, Oskar Lafontaine et al.: The Manifesto: Let’s break the neoliberal hegemony. Appeal to found a New Left (May 2006)