Publication Globalisierung Mushrefa Mishu: Who are the obstructers of justice across the whole world? And What have we to do?

Beitrag zur Konferenz "Gerechtigkeit oder Barbarei" Interkontinentales Forum vom 5. bis 6. Oktober 2000 in Berlin





October 2000

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Gerechtigkeit oder Barbarei.

Interkontinentales Forum vom 5. bis 6. Oktober 2000

It is the Justice which is the way of Human Emancipation.

Who are the obstructers of justice across the whole world?
What have we to do?

Presented By Mushrefa Mishu


In the very time-Worthy moment of the contemporary world, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation has arranged the international conference entitled ‘Justice or Barbarism’. As for this, I would like to extend my emphatic thanks to the organizers on behalf of struggling men-women for establishing the real justice against different sorts of exploitation, oppression and discrimination in my country Bangladesh.

At the very outset of my speech, I would like to put a word clearly that, Rosa Luxemburg went on struggle challenging her life till death in establishing justice and freedom in society, state and on the basis of person to person’s relationship. So, the identified fascist enemies of justice intent to resist the ideology of social justice by killing her in a brutal mean. But our organization thinks very clearly, Justice and Freedom, these two words uttered by Rosa Luxemburg, aren’t downright meaningless. Justice and freedom, this subject is really a political ideology of Rosa Luxemburg. And no ideology can be withered out by resorting a brutal mean or launching oppression and repression. The life of Rosa Luxemburg too proves this word. Rosa Luxemburg was killed on January in the year of 1919 at her age of only 38 but today even after 81 years millions and billions of people of the world are going on fighting life and death for the establishment of social justice and freedom. So, I think Rosa Luxemburg is death conquered, a name of immortal ideology or a relic.

After the revolution of Russia in 1917 under the leadership of Bolshevic party, for some ideological differences and debates of Rosa Luxemburg with Comrade Lenin a few quarters of communist and socialist raised some debates about Rosa Luxemburg and also criticized her. Notwithstanding that, it is noticeable that communists, socialists, leftists including all progressive forces across the world own Rosa Luxemburg and fight to establish her ideology. Rosa Luxemburg is also much popular with the progressive women and men of Bangladesh. Our principal political organization name as Revolutionary Unity Front as well as other six mass organizations keenly evaluates the political ideology of Luxemburg. Our evaluation is Rosa Luxemburg is not only a mere woman like other progressive women or only a communist or socialist leader of German party. We think comrade Rosa is a leader of the proletariat of the world. Comrade Rosa is an ideology and helmsman for establishing justice of world’s people against the exploitation, oppression and discrimination of the capitalist-imperialist are now pervading across the world.

Justice or Barbarism?

There lies darkness the illuminated lamp. Just as the same, the very agendum entitled Justice or Barbarism of the present international conference is an indication that, despite entering of the present world into the 21 st century, multiple exploitations, repression and brutalities are taking place against the majority of the world’s people across the globe. These different sorts of exploitations, repression and brutalities are the existence-annihilating enemies of humankind, enemies of human progression, development and freedom. Without eradicating this sort of brutality, it is not possible to establish justice in the world or take the taste of desired freedom of humankind. Life is more colourful, much luminous and more beautiful than crimson rainbow. But all colourful dreams, aspirations and elegance of human life are being pillaged, tumbled for the boundless brutality of a handful few profit mongering brutes. We don’t accept it. Majority people of the world are going on continuing their fight to get rooted the justice and freedom in society. We can’t make justice and freedom hostage to only a handful few profit-mongering brutes’ brutality. We must establish justice and freedom of humankind by being united against this brutality – and I believe this international conference has been called in that aim. I think, we have to quest through this conference what the way of humankind’s justice is, who’re the obstructers of justice across the world and what we are to do for establishing justice.

IT is the justice which is the way of human emancipation:

In the primitive commune society there justice. But, since the day when there created a class division society and all wealth started to be grabbed in the hands of a class, there started commencing exploitation, oppression, discrimination and brutality in the society. Since the day when there took place private ownership’s system instead of social common ownership, there took place affront of justice in society, state and even in family values and relationship. There started a brutal era of commodity. There started appearing of profit mongering brute under the guise of human being. These brutes in phase built up different sorts of social, political, military and economic institutions one by in order to continue theirs reign, exploitation, domination and aggression. This profit mongering brutal class is going on continuing their world-wide monopolistic exploitation, domination and aggression even at present through these varieties of institutions.

We’re science-intellect and history-conscious human being. We observed, that is, history has shown us, the fight of emancipation loving people has been going on for thousands years against this brutality era after in the countries of the world. The stream of struggle for thousand years, the character of brutal ruling class has been changed but the social justice of humankind didn’t establish yet today. The root cause of this is – the brutal class of worldwide wealth plundering, profit monger of is still now in the power of society and state. This brutal class, responsible for the distress of humankind across the world is yet now the steersman of state. If the common ownership of people can not be established in society and state by overthrowing these brutes from the social and state’s ownership, in fact, social justice also can’t be possible to be established. And, human emancipation is not possible if social justice is not possible to be established through this process.

Who are the obstructers of justice across the world?

The present era is an era of imperialists’ word order. Capitalist and imperialist world order is the sworn enemy of humankind at present world. And the system of capitalist and imperialist is the main barrier of worldwide freedom aspiring people’s liberty and justice. Capitalist and imperialists till before the Second World War by sending military to the under developed countries used to capture and colonise these countries or, virtually establish reign, exploitation and domination in those countries by usurping, or killing the elected govt. and getting ascended a puppet govt. Since after the Second World War, capitalist and imperialist invented new methods and strategies to continue their rule, domination, and brutal aggression across the whole world. Now they are going on continuing with a monopolistic brutal domination and aggression by various type of economic institutions. With a view to fulfilling that aim, imperialists formed IMF and World Bank. And than by a conspiracy to strengthen this process, they constituted GATT, WTO, Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI), ADB and many kinds of multinational companies one after one.

Dear fiends, You know Bangladesh is an underdeveloped capitalist country with having 130 million people, among which more than a few of 49 percent are women. The total area of the country is 147000squ. k. m. I can’t but describe before today’s conference about some identical information, in a brief, of capitalist and imperialist’s brutal domination and aggression in Bangladesh. After being imparted you will get more realised why I told that capitalist and imperialist are the main enemy of humankind and main obstacles of human emancipation and justice. At present the imperialist exploitation, domination and aggression reached in such a height that, our agri-policy, industrial policy, health policy, education policy, housing policy, environment everything is getting the victim of imperialists’ brutal domination and aggression for the negative effect of imperialist created globalization. The govt. of our country too is a comprador of global imperialist. That’s why, there we have no separate existence named our national interest or national economy. Our total market is in the capture of imperialist, monopolistic market of imperialists’ commodity. As for this brutal aggressive policy of imperialists, like other underdeveloped countries the majority people of Bangladesh are getting poorer day by day. In 1972 in this country the number of total land less people was as many as 30 %. Now 68 % of rural people are land less. Though imperialists talk about the environment friendly agricultural system for their own countries, they have imposed on our country an anti environmental destructive agricultural process. They have also imposed on us anti-social and anti-environmental fertilizers, insecticides, seeds etc. As a result, once famous our green Bangla as fertile, well-grown land and lands of green Bangla are getting unfertile and sterile day by day. As many as 15000 species of hygienic and tasteful rice have been extinct from our country due to the imposition of imperialist’ anti-environmental agri-policy.

Due to the imperialist globalization most of the industry in our country are being collapsed today. Millions of workers lead an unemployed life by being sacked from industry. As many as ten and half million youth both male and female of Bangladesh have to lead an unemployed life for the imperialist anti people brutal policy.

Though Bangladesh is an land of rivers, many species of tasteful and nutritious fishes and innumerable bio-diversity has been exterminated for ever due to the anti-environment policy of IMF and WB including imperialists. Imperialists are polluting our environment by building different types of embankment name as Flood action plan. Arsenic is now found in the underground water of our country above the danger level due to taping under ground water and other activities by the imperialists. Lead is available in the blood of our children for environment pollution. Many diseases including asthma are attacking our children. IMF/WB including other imperialist are imposing anti-health birth control policy on women of our country. As a result many of our women are getting sterile and are being attacked by many diseases of uterus.

Oil and Gases are found in our country since the decade of eighties. For pillage oil and gas in our country like Nigeria and other countries, imperialists are making conspiracy. They are exercising a great pressure on our to lease out our sea-port to multinationals companies for 90 years, to export gas and hand over all the gas fields to them. Apart these, imperialists are making domination and aggression in our internal politics and in all the sphere of our national independence and sovereignty. Though I spoke these in the context of Bangladesh, it is also true for many other countries. Imperialists are making such aggression in countries of the world. Majority people of the world are now living below the poverty line due to their exploitation and aggressive policy. Millions of babies are dying everyday of famine and malnutrition. Aren’t these brutalities? So I intend to reiterate clearly and firmly that these are the capitalists and imperialists which are the sworn enemies of world people. So it is not possible to establish justice and human emancipation without surmounting and eliminating these identified enemies of world people.

What have to do in establishing justice?

Capitalists and imperialists have united to persist monopolistic brutal rule and aggression in the whole world. They are creating imperialist globalization. Freedom-aspiring people of the whole world have to build up a firm unity against this worldwide injustice and brutality of capitalist and imperialist. This unity of freedom loving people must be built up at national, regional and in international level against the existing imperialist world order.

To build up a free society of freemen, there is no alternative of building up unity among the progressive parties, organizations and individuals of different countries of the world. This unity of all progressive forces of the world will strengthen our on going fight for establishing social justice and freedom. The only alternative against the domination, aggression and brutality of the existing imperialist’s world order is the unity of all anti capitalist-imperialist forces. It is true that, there is debate and ideological difference among the progressive forces of our different countries and even in the progressive parties and organization in each country. Here the position our organization is – we think there was debate in the sphere of philosophy and science and will continue. Is there no difference of opinion, debate and even conflict among different capitalist and imperialist countries and parties? But, despite having these, the noticeable matter is, the class interest is principal issue to them than the differences of opinions. The staple subject to them is to persist their worldwide domination. So, why can’t we, the progressive parties and different organizations of different countries, be united on the common issues with all the ideological differences?

The united and militant protest in Seattle, Washington, and last in Prague has taught us how much sharp the power of the united militant movement is, and the mighty imperialists have been defeated by the unity and movement of world people. I would like to utter firmly we have to be much creative and speedy and have to build up a firm unity of all freedom aspiring progressive forces across the whole world. We have to make collapse of the existing capitalist-imperialist socio-economic world order through such taut and waging a militant movement. We have to build a free society for free human. The social justice is possible to be established only in this way.

Our victory is inevitable!

With Revolutionary thanks, Mushrefa Mishu, Convenor Revolutionary Unity Front & President. Garments Workers Unity Forum.