Publication Eastern Europe - Socio-ecological Transformation Just Transition for Ukraine

Reforming the energy market, expanding renewables, and securing energy independence



June 2023

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The study Just Transition for Ukraine, published by Commons: Journal of Social Criticism and the Center for Social Justice (CSJ) with support from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s Kyiv Office, is an adapted and updated version of the findings that emerged from the special project “Just Transition for Ukraine” that Commons launched prior to the Russian invasion in early 2022. The publication takes up alternative policies in Ukraine’s energy sector, seeking answers to the question of how to effectively combine the actions of the state regulator in transitioning to renewable energy sources while considering the economic and social impacts on people living in the country.

Maryna Larina is an expert consultant for the project “Fair Energy Transition for Ukraine” at the Centre for Economic Justice in Ukraine.

Translation by Yuliia Kulish.

To this end, the brochure analyses other counties’ experiences with energy reforms and compares them with the Ukrainian context, while also sketching out an overview of Ukraine’s commitments under international climate agreements. Particular focus is devoted to the consequences of the degradation of traditional energy industries and coal-mining regions, while comparing opportunities and potentials for the production and export of new types of renewable energy. The study also considers the preconditions for fairer pricing and sustainable development of green energy, and proposes new approaches.

As long as the war in Ukraine rages on, it may seem difficult to discuss issues like energy markets, climate change, and the need for state regulations to guide development. But sooner or later the war will end, and Ukraine will begin to rebuild. When it does, it is vital that Ukraine’s transition to a post-war economy with sustainable energy production be socially just for everyone living in the county.

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