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Report on the ninth session for a UN agreement on business and human rights



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Karolin Seitz,


December 2023

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From October 23 to 27, 2023, 76 states met at the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council to negotiate an international human rights treaty to regulate companies and their value chains (also known as the “UN Treaty”). Since the UN Human Rights Council adopted Resolution 26/9 in 2014 and mandated an intergovernmental working group to draft such legally binding instrument, it has met nine times. After a slow start, the process has emerged surprisingly stronger from the ninth round of negotiations.

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation has been observing and following the process at the United Nations for many years and regularly reports on developments in cooperation with the Global Policy Forum. Detailed information on the week-long negotiations and how the process is progressing is summarized in this report by Karolin Seitz.

Karolin Seitz is Head of the Business and Human Rights Program at the Global Policy Forum. She has been following the process towards an international agreement on business and human rights since it began in 2014.