Publication State / Democracy - Political Parties / Election Analyses - International / Transnational - Western Europe - Americas - Southern Cone - Democratic Socialism Nineteen Country Reports on the Left in Government in Latin America and Europe

Documentation of the reports prepared for the Latin America-Europe-conferene in June 2010 in Brussels.



October 2010

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The publication contains nineteen country reports submitted by the participants of the second Latin America and Europe conference on the Left in Government, 27-29 June 2010 in Brussels. The European country reports are in English, the Latin American country reports in Spanish.

The analysis of these country reports by Cornelia Hildebrandt and Valter Pomar is published in English and Spanish the book "Upsurge in Latin America – Europe on the Defensive?" (see also link below).



Ruurik Holm and Laura Tuominen: Report on Finland
Daniel Cirera: Report on France
Stefan Liebich: Report on the Region of Berlin, Germany
Thomas Falkner and Katja Haese: Report on the Region of Brandenburg, Germany
Steffen Bockhahn: Report on the Region of Mecklenburg-Hither Pomerania, Germany
Auður Lilja Erlingsdóttir: Report on Iceland
Communication's office of Apulia Region: Report on the Region of Apulia, Italy
Dag Seierstad: Report on Norway
Henning Süssner: Report on Sweden

Latin America:

Oscar Laborde: Report on Argentine
Pablo Stefanoni: Report on Bolivia
Valter Pomar: Report on Brazil
Esteban Silva Cuadra: Report on Chile
German Rodas Chaves: Report on Ecuador
Carlos Fonseca Terán y Arlén Cuadra Núñez: Report on Nicaragua
Ignacio González Bozzolasco: Report on Paraguay
Blanca Flor Bonilla: Report on El Salvador
Graciela García: Report on Uruguay
Sergio Rodríguez Gelfenstein: Report on Venezuela

Reports from Europe are in english, those from Latin America are in spanish.

More in the PDF-file.