Publication Socio-ecological Transformation Socio-ecological Transformation and Energy Policy in Latin America and Europe

Papers and Thesis Papers prepared for the seminar in July 2012 in Vienna.



August 2012

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"In the current multiple crisis of global capitalism, which is developing differently in different regions, a variety of real and potential breaks are emerging, together with search processes for ways to handle the crisis. One major factor to be taken into account here is that of the continuities – as, in Europe, the still dominant neo-liberal social power relations, the security interests of property owners and the model of industrial competitiveness at any cost; or, in Latin America, the tendency to continue to cling to a development model based on resource extraction and cheap labour." (Ulrich Brand)


1. Introduction

Introduction to the seminar Socio-ecological Transformation and Energy Policy in Latin America and Europe By Ulrich Brand

2. Energy Struggles in Latin America – Experiences of Socio-ecological Transformation

Struggles against Energy Projects – Experiences of Socio-ecological Transformation By Martínez Esperanza
Considerations for the Debate on Socio-ecological Transformation By Oscar Vega
Lithium in Bolivia: preliminary reflections on the current disputes By Isabella Radhuber and Oscar Vega
The Social Struggles Related to the Energy Problem in Ecuador By José Cueva
Analysis of the Energy Situation in the Context of Rio+20 By Pablo Bertinat

3. Energy Struggles in Europe – Experiences of Socio-ecological Transformation

Of Energy Struggles, Energy Transitions and Energy Democracy By Tadzio Müller
Shale Gas and Oil Fracking: A Well-Rooted and Increasingly Internationalized Mobilization By Maxime Combes
The Upper Austrian Chamber of Labour’s Futures Forum: Designing Progress Socially and Ecologically By Michaela Schmidt and Bettina Csoka
The New Energy System: The Solar Energy Revolution By Peter Molnar

4. Conflicts and Problems – Energy-political Constellations and Global Contexts

Policy and the Energy Matrix in Latin America By Javier Gómez
Beyond our Borders - The Energy and Market Grabs Promoted by the New EU Energy Policy By Antonio Tricario
Financialisation and Energy Transition By Nick Hildyard

5. Challenges - Left Governmental and Regional Energy Policy

Energy Democracy and Sovereignty as Elements of Social-ecological Transformation By Alberto Acosta
The Challenges of a Left Energy Policy in Germany and Europe By Ulla Lötzer
The Possibilities for an Austrian Energy Policy in a European Context By Martin Reiter

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