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Three interviews on climate justice, social movements and international negotiations

Reflections on the Peoples’ Summit in Chile 2019


A myriad of social organizations fighting for socio-enviromental justice has come together in the peoples' summit. Francisca stresses the role of women's organizations as women are the most affected by extractivism, mining and agrobusiness. The demand to end the privatisation of water is central. The summit is a platform for local articulation between Chilenian organizations as well as for a global one.

Negotiating loss and damage at COP25


Hafijul Islan Khan,

Interview with Hafijul Islam Khan, negotiator at COP25 for Least Developed Countries group

At the COP25 (United Nations Climate Summit), countries are debating, among other things, how to deal with the losses and damages that are happening due to the climate crisis.

The Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage was created with the Paris Agreement in 2015 to address those crises people face when mitigation and adaptation collapse and climate disaster strikes. Now it is about time to equip the mechanism with adequate finances. Without financial resources to support it, it is effectively useless.
Countries of the Global South are fighting to hold the Global North accountable for the crisis it has caused in the first place. However, the industrialized countries are refusing to put the necessary finances on the table.

«Hold your countries responsible» Interview with Dipti Bhatnagar


Dipti Bhatnagar,

All over the world, more and more people are taking to the streets to demand climate justice. We spoke with Dipti Bhatnagar from Mozambique, coordinator of the Climate Justice and Energy Program of Friends of the Earth International, about the chances of the recent uprising for climate justice actually making an impression on governments, the right strategies to follow, and her demands on the movements of the Global North.