Video | Food Sovereignty Unmasking the Global Food Systems Governance Coup

Online-discussion on September 7 2021

Unmasking the Global Food Systems Governance Coup

Over the past few years, ETC Group has been piecing together the larger picture of the puzzle and uncovering in real time the current shifts in governance of global food systems. In their presentation, ETC Group will share the conclusions of their study “Hijacking food systems: technofix takeover at the FSS”, that highlights key aspects and players and frames what is confusing and fast-moving situation into a simplified coherent and creative narrative. Civil society groups, social movements and allies working in the food justice space need to fully understand the forces at play by investigating and interrogating the developments and dynamics in the global food system governance so they can use the knowledge in their work with communities, especially in Southeast Asia.

Neth Daño (ETC Group)
Jim Thomas (ETC Group)
Ronnie Hall (ETC Group)
Moderation: Ayi Kaario (Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung)

This discussion forms part of the 4-part online series «Our food, Our story: Reclaiming the Food Systems Narrative.»