Video | Politics of Memory / Antifascism, State / Democracy, Livestream Launch of the European Network of Antifascist Monitoring (ENAM)

Introducing the idea behind the international antifascist research project ENAM and presenting its website,

Launch of the European Network of Antifascist Monitoring (ENAM)

Introduction by Johanna Bussemer, Head of the European Unit of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and Bjørn Ihler, Co-founder of the Khalifa Ihler Institute

Panel discussion on the topic of Counteringthe far right: Antifascists and civil society in solidarity against the European shift to the right with our guest-speakers:
-Liz Fekete, Director of the Institute of Race Relations in London
-Ioanna Meitani, from the trial-monitoring project GoldenDawnWatch in Athens
-Eliza Rutynowska, lawyer and human rights activist from Warsaw
-Josip Jagic, from the RLS Belgrade office
-Amelia Martinez-Lobo, RLS Madrid

Christy Moore, the famous antifascist singer from Ireland, will perform “Yellow triangle”, which he recorded for us.

About ENAM

ENAM is an antifascist research project focused on the inter- and transnational networks, cooperation and interaction of far-right players all over Europe. The scope of our monitoring ranges from right-wing terrorist groups to fascist/neonazi comradeships, new- right fellowships, conservative think tanks and parties (both inside and outside parliaments), on the national and European level.

Far-right networks are currently spreading and capable of establishing transnational support structures. In some countries, right-wing and nationalist parties have entered, formed or are part of governments and are opening gateways for far-right actors into official spheres and funding opportunities. They often remain closely connected to the backstage: think tanks, the wider “befriended“ fascist or Nazi scene, but also underground militias, youth organisations, intellectual circles, internet communities and activists of new street politics (such as those of an anti-vax or anti-immigrant character).

The internet plays an important role in connecting the far right internationally. These developments need to be understood and analysed through information sharing and knowledge production in order to address, challenge and defeat the far right successfully. By creating a central archive of constantly updated data, ENAM seeks to build on and contribute to the existing monitoring done by antifascist groups at the local, national or regional level and to strengthen the capacities of antifascists groups (from local initiatives to left parties) in that effort.