Video | Americas, Gender Relations, Feminism “In Chile, the Women’s Vote Decides Elections”

Karina Nohales on the campaign for a new Chilean constitution

“In Chile, the Women’s Vote Decides Elections”


Karina Nohales,

On 4 September 2022, Chile will vote on a new constitution. The draft text foresees significant changes for Chilean society, especially in the area of social rights, recognition of Chile’s indigenous peoples, and gender parity in politics. Karina Nohales, feminist, lawyer, and activist of the Coordinadora Feminista 8M (CF8M) explains how the new constitutional text strengthens women’s rights and how she and her fellow campaigners want to mobilize people to vote for it. Nohales is part of the team of Alondra Carrillo, who was elected to the Constituent Assembly as a representative of CF8M. In total, 155 elected members of civil society have been working together on the text of the new constitution since July 2021.

The video shows an excerpt from a longer conversation that the journalist Ute Löhning conducted with Karina Nohales in June 2022 as part of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s de:luxe festival.

The video is in Spanish. For English subtitles, please select English captions in the YouTube player by clicking on the cogwheel symbol.