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Video | 19.01.2022Launch of the European Net­work of An­ti­fas­cist Mon­it­or­ing (ENAM)

Introducing the idea behind the international antifascist research project ENAM and presenting its…

Video | 05.01.2022What Win­ning Looks Like

Staring victory in the face — one campaign at a time

Video | 22.11.2021Sys­tem­atic Foul Play: The 2022 World Cup in Qatar

The inhumane working conditions on the World Cup construction sites in Qatar have been making…

Video | 11.11.2021COP26: Steps Back­wards in­stead of Ad­vance­ments

Tetet Lauron and Katja Voigt on the COP26 in Glasgow and what is at stake in the final days of the…

Audio | 04.11.2021Planet B: Kate Aronoff on What Amer­ica's Cli­mate Role Should Be

Climate journalist Kate Aronoff explores the power – and limitations – of the Green New Deal

Audio | 04.11.2021Planet B: Everything Must Change – Epis­ode 2 (Land)

How has the logic of extraction and commodification shaped the land we live on?

Audio | 04.11.2021Planet B: Everything Must Change – Epis­ode 1 (Work)

Commute. Pollute. Repeat. What are we working for?

Audio | 04.11.2021Planet B: Everything Must Change – Epis­ode 4 (Wa­ter)

Harpreet Kaur Paul asks why water, the most basic necessity of life, always has a price

Audio | 04.11.2021Planet B: Sarah Jaffe on Green Work or No Work

The author of Work Won’t Love You Back talks to Dalia Gebrial about the "good, green union jobs" and…

Audio | 04.11.2021Planet B: Noam Chom­sky on In­di­gen­ous De­mands and Roosevelt's Leg­acy

Noam Chomsky warns against a Green New Deal that would save capitalism rather than dismantling it

Audio | 04.11.2021Planet B: Ju­lian Brave Noi­seCat on Apo­ca­lypse and In­di­gen­ous Res­ist­ance

Activist and journalist Julian Brave NoiseCat explains the importance of land rights and sovereignty…