Documentation 10 years of crisis - 1 year of Trump

An exchange of voices from the American and German Left


Event location

Festsaal Kreuzberg
Am Flutgraben 2
12435 Berlin




Barbara Fried,


Social Movements / Organizing, America, North America, 1 Jahr Trump, Positive Peace

As if our generation’s lost decade of economic crisis couldn’t get any worse, one year ago Donald J. Trump – the epitome of all that is broken, twisted and alienated about the world today – became president of the United States, and with it arguably the most powerful person on the planet. One year on, the Interventionistische Linke in cooperation with the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung has invited leading voices from the American and German left to come together, reflect on what has happened since, and exchange ideas and perspectives in our common struggle.

What kind of organisational structures and forms have emerged in the resistance, and which have been most useful? How have “identity politics” and class struggle converged and/or prove fraught with tension? And can “event politics” be a useful part of a long-term strategy, or must the left return to traditional forms of base-building?


  • Amanda Armstrong (Viewpoint Magazine, Women’s March)
  • Katy Fox-Hoddess (Viewpoint Magazine, UC Berkeley graduate student organiser)
  • Magally “Maga” Miranda Alcazar (Democratic Socialists of America Los Angeles, Viewpoint, Women’s March)
  • R.L. Stephens (Democratic Socialists of America National Political Commitee)
  • Emily Laquer, Interventionistische Linke

Introduction by Daniel Gutierrez, Solidarity City Berlin