17 April 2024 Convention/Conference Teslokraty: Capitalism without Democracy?

Has the final stage of green, democratic capitalism been reached?


Event location

Volksbühne, Grüner Salon
10178 Berlin


17.04.2024, 17:00 - 23:00 Hr


Socio-ecological Transformation, Analysis of Capitalism, Globalization, Economic / Social Policy, Labour / Unions


Teslokraty: Capitalism without Democracy?
Grafik: Heimo Lattner

GIGA: With the negative outcome of a residents' survey on the expansion of the Tesla factory, a forest occupation and an attack on the power supply, the events in and around Grünheide have reached a temporary climax. Has the "final stage of green capitalism" proclaimed by some critics really been reached here? Or, looking back on the developments of the last four years, could there not also be talk of a final stage of parliamentary democracy? What will remain of it when economic development emancipates itself from democratic decision-making? Isn't that what right-wing libertarians and Big Tech billionaires have been dreaming of for years: capitalism without democracy?

What's next for the socio-ecological transformation? What capital does the climate have? Who limits corporate power? What is union busting? How do you get to the stars via rough paths? Will we live forever? And is it true that Elon Musk is not allowed in the Berghain club?

More on this on 17 April, in the Green Salon at the Volksbühne.

Participants: Heiko Baschin (Carpenter, Community Initiative Grünheide) Valeria Buschi (Philosopher, researching on the climate of capital) Alex Demirovic (marxist intellectual and member of the board of Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung) Paris Marx (canadian tech-journalist and podcaster) Cathy Mulligan (british expert on digital technologies and economy) Nina Schlosser (political economist, Phd-scholar at RLS and climate activist) Nina Scholz (Journalist, reporting on tech-business and unions) Elizabeth Calderon-Lüning (Weizenbaum Institut, tbc) Sebastian Walter (Member of Parliament, Die Linke Brandenburg) N.N. (Forest Occupation Grünheide, tbc)

Concept and moderation: Heimo Lattner, Alexander Karschnia, Katalin Gennburg

Free entrance!



Dr. Mario Candeias

Senior Advisor Socialist Transformation Research, Left Strategies and Parties, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

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