12 December 2023 Discussion/Lecture Economies of Enslavement

Book talk hosted by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Matthes & Seitz Berlin and Assoziation A


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12.12.2023, 19:00 - 20:00 Hr


Globalization, War / Peace, Migration / Flight


Economies of Enslavement

Different questions, two distinct approaches, one topic: Enslavement. With their detailed historical research, Caitlin Rosenthal and Marcus Rediker presented deep insights on enslavement and its social and economic effects. In “Accounting for Slavery”, Rosenthal links enslavement with management and accounting on the plantations and relates it with capitalism. In “The Slave Ship”, Rediker also looks into economic questions of enslavement and analyses power dynamics at and about this specific place. With different focuses and interests, both look at the decisions taken by traders and plantation owners and their immense consequences for people who were not seen as humans.

In this book discussion, facilitated by Bafta Sarbo, we want the authors of their recently published books in German language to get into conversation: Which political economies developed on the basis of enslavement? How did they progress? Which possibilities did remain for enslaved and how did they shape power dynamics on the ships and plantations? What is visible today and where?

This online event will be simultaneously interpreted into English and German.

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Book references

Caitlin Rosenthal: Accounting for Slavery. Masters and Management. Harvard University Press, 2018.
Marcus Rediker: The Slave Ship. A Human History. Viking Adult, 2007.


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