Places in Berlin

Denkmal an der Lichtensteinbrücke

The monument on the Lichtenstein Bridge over the Landwehr Canal in Tiergarten (near Budapester Straße) by Ralf Schüler and Ursulina Schüler-Witte. This is where Rosa Luxemburg’s body was thrown into the Landwehr Canal on 15 January 1919. It was not until May 1919 that the body was recovered.

Gedenkstätte der Sozialisten

The Memorial of the Socialists in Friedrichsfelde. On 13 June 1919, Rosa Luxemburg was buried in this cemetery alongside Karl Liebknecht and other victims of the counter-revolution; more than one hundred thousand people were in attendance.

Mannheimer Straße 27

From this house, at Mannheimer Straße 27 (then 43), Rosa Luxemburg was taken to the Hotel Eden on today’s Olof-Palme-Platz.

Denkmal »Von der dicken Berta zur roten Rosa«

The memorial Von der dicken Berta zur roten Rosa (From the Fat Bertha to the Red Rosa) by the Israeli sculptor Igael Tumarkin, located on the central strip of the Bundesallee at the junction of Spichernstraße, on the same path on which she was once taken to the Hotel Eden. Luxemburg—depicted in steel relief—is shown taming the devastating field gun “Dicke Berta”.

Bronzeplastik von Rolf Biebl und Keramikreliefs von Ingeborg Hunzingervor

The bronze sculpture Rosa Luxemburg (life scale) by Rolf Biebl and ceramic reliefs by Ingeborg Hunzinger in front of the entrance of the building at Franz-Mehring-Platz 1 in the Friedrichshain district. The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung has its headquarters in this office building. The reliefs depict Karl Liebknecht’s and Rosa Luxemburg’s long-time secretary Mathilde Jacob, a Jewish woman who was later murdered by the Nazis.

Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz und Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße

Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz and Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße are in the Mitte district. The Volksbühne is located directly on the square; at its edge, the Karl-Liebknecht-Haus, which was the KPD leadership’s headquarters from 1927 to 1933, housed various SED institutions in the GDR and, since 1990, has been the headquarters of the party executive committee of Die Linke and its predecessors.