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Lecture series in Berlin on the ideology of neoliberalism

Economics beyond the Swabian housewife

“We need an economic literacy campaign so people understand the language used by the ruling class.” Inspired by these words from Ha-Joon Chang, an economist at the University of Cambridge, we have initiated a series of talks titled “Economics Beyond the Swabian Housewife” bringing renowned academics from across Europe to Berlin to empower Berlin’s citizens to challenge the predominant neoliberal discourse.

Together with our guests, we set out to debunk the lies behind austerity, trickle-down economics, and all the rubbish propagated by neoclassical economists that has created and justified the obscene inequality that exists in Germany, the EU, and the world and is also destroying our planet.

We begin the series for 2019 with Steve Keen, Frances Coppola, Branko Milanovic—and, of course, you.


In cooperation with Helle Panke e.V., Brave New Europe and Netzwerk für Plurale Ökonomik.

Media partner: Oxi