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Climate crisis, or climate justice? You decide! Double-sided map on the worldwide hotspots



September 2020

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You can now order our colourfully illustrated world map in DIN A1 format. The map was developed in cooperation with the Munich Environmental Institute and PowerShift e.V. Order Now!

On our double-sided world map, we show how current injustices continue to intensify on a planet warmed by three degrees, as well as what struggles oppose these injustices. In the second edition, which is now available, we have updated some of the details.

First side: Climate change hits the people who are least responsible for it the hardest. It can then be said that whether we choose to protect the climate or further fuel the climate crisis is always a question of justice.

"We will rise, or we will burn!"

Second side: On our map we juxtapose the stories of heat waves, droughts, floods, and collapsing ecosystems with the struggles of the growing climate movement worldwide. A movement that poses fundamental questions: about our collective existence and economies, about transformation, about democratization, and about autonomy over our own resources. It is often those who are most affected and marginalized by climate change who protest most intensely. This side of our map shows: together we are building up a global, growing movement. We will rise! Are you with us?

"It’s up to us: climate crisis or climate justice?"

We are in the middle of a crisis of justice caused by fossil fuel and colonial capitalism. Those who have contributed least to the climate crisis are already much more affected than those who have caused it, and only those with sufficient resources at their disposal can escape an elevated climate crisis. This crisis threatens the livelihoods of indigenous peoples and small farmers in particular as well as weighing on the shoulders of women.

The climate crisis is not going to happen sometime in the future—it is happening now. However, we can still prevent the worst.