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November 2022

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This second Atlas of Migration from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is a completely new edition that addresses a range of current issues and topics. Along with examples from various countries and a focus on labour migration and the caring professions, we also put a spotlight on the effects of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Since the start of the war on 24 February 2022, 14 million Ukrainians have fled for their lives to other places within and outside Ukraine. Many young Russian men are now fleeing to avoid conscription by their government.

The previous edition of this atlas explained that most people seek shelter among their neighbours. At that time, it was people from developing countries such as Syria and Afghanistan. Now there is a neighbour in need in Europe.

Very few people migrate voluntarily. But climate change and its devastating consequences are forcing ever more people to abandon their homes. The search for work and a better income also motivates people to set out on the road. Migration has many realities.

This atlas aims to support all those who are committed to a plural society. Its goal is to change the way we look at migration and promote openness and pragmatism.

Daniela Trochowski Executive Director, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Johanna Bussemer, Dorit Riethmüller, Franziska Albrecht and Christian JakobEditors, Atlas of Migration

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