Against the Logic of Violence


7 October 2023 was a watershed moment. The massacre of Israeli civilians by Hamas triggered an escalating cycle of violence and retribution in Gaza that is both shocking and as well as horrifying.

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation has worked with Palestinian and Israeli colleagues and partners in both countries for many years. We have cultivated networks based on an attitude of solidarity, doing our best to make a small difference under conditions of violence and counter-violence. We believe that in the current situation, informed, nuanced, and empathetic contributions are more important than ever. Our aim is to understand what is happening. That requires background information and, yes, context.

This dossier present new texts and interviews that were written against the backdrop of the war, as well as earlier articles. As an institution dedicated to political education, one of our main tasks is to be a site for the struggle for truth. This especially true for the painful situation in Palestine and Israel.

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