Unjust and Bad for the Climate


Energy prices in Europe have exploded since Russia invaded Ukraine. But the energy crisis is not only affecting people in Europe: its repercussions are being felt far beyond the continent, particularly when it comes to the energy policies that Germany and the EU have adopted to secure their own energy supply. Fossil fuel infrastructures that urgently need to be dismantled in order to combat climate change are instead being built up and expanded, forcing up prices on the global market.

As the gas industry gets ready to convene in Vienna for the so-called “European Gas Conference” on 27–29 March, it is vital that the Left in the Global North heed the ongoing debate around energy prices and the global effects of German and EU energy policies.

With articles covering the impact of these policies on the rest of the world, including examples from Senegal, Egypt, Israel, and Canada, our latest dossier seeks to do just that.

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