Between Scepticism and Hope

With the next European elections only a few months away, how do people view the EU from the outside? What expectations do left-wing parties and organizations  around the world have, what developments do they criticize and what would they expect from a progressive European policy?

The EU sees itself as a pioneer in democracy and human rights, a generous donor of development aid, and a force for peace. Yet this self-image does not align with perceptions outside of Europe, where it is primarily perceived as an economic power that pursues its own interests. How critically the Global South views the EU as a geopolitical player has become very clear since the beginning of the war in Gaza late last year.

Nevertheless, the EU is not only seen in a negative light. Europe is also associated with a functioning democracy and the rule of law, as well as economic success. The EU is seen as a model of regional integration, and, as the contributions presented here make clear, much hope is projected onto it. This new dossier takes a closer look at views on the EU in Asia, presenting perspectives on European politics and policy from China, Kazakhstan, India, and the Philippines.

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