Dokumentation Learning Play: What is socialist art today?

Final presentation of Summer School of Engaged Art





Kultur / Medien, Kunst / Performance, Demokratischer Sozialismus, Osteuropa

After intensive 9 days of mutual learning the participants of the school shared the temporary result of their research on the topic with the public.

The play was structured in 5 chapters dedicated to the different aspects of original socialist realism doctrine: the idea of NEW PEOPLE, the concept of PARTIJNOST’ (partymindness), NARODNOST’ (peopleness, accessibility), REALISM and COMMUNIST FUTURE. All this rusty and disciplinary concept was publicly investigated and together we tried to find a way how to translate them into new reality and today’s struggle against capitalist hegemony. And see if there is a possibility to develop new tendencies in art production which inspire and forecast the communist transformation of people and society.

WITH A PARTICIPATION OF: Gjorgje Jovanovik, Silvia Amancei, Bogdan Armanu, Driton Selmani, Nina Gojić, Ana Kuzmanić, Danilo Prnjat, Ana Pecar, Lavinia Raccanello, Manuel Beltrán, Stella Angelidou, Olga Sasnouskaya, Pavel Khailo, Anna Shcherbyna, Irina Kudrya, Natalya Pankina, Diana Ukhina, Aleksei Barysionak, Ilmira Bolotyan, Jana Smetanina, Daniel Woźniak, Anda Szűcs, Victoria Sarangova, Lisa Hoffmann, Timur Kiselev, Ilya Ryvkin, Básthy Ági

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This event is the continueation of the Inauguration of Chto Delat collective's Summer School of Engaged Art - Lecture by David Riff: «What is socialist art?»