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Episode 1 on the struggle of migrant care workers in Israel

At Home in Israel: Sharon Austria’s Story

“No Israelis would do the job that we do 24/7”

Video profiles of people who emigrated and those who stayed behind

At home, and yet not at home: this is how many people feel about everyday life in Israel, despite having lived in the country for years or decades. Palestinians are not the only ones who experience the dark sides of the land of Jewish immigration — they are joined by those who came to Israel as refugees, displaced persons, or labour migrants who left their homelands in hopes of a better life, albeit usually without finding a new one.

In short videos, we profile people living in Israel who face racism and criminalization but refuse to accept life on the margins of society simply because of their place of birth, nationality, or religion. They tell their very personal stories — stories that extend far beyond individual experiences and raise more fundamental questions: Who feels like they belong? Who is denied this belonging? And what does one have to do to feel at home after all?

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Camera: Mareike Ya
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