Publikation International / Transnational Status of capital cities

Explanatory memorandum for the Chamber of Local Authorities, Council of Europe. 14th Plenary Session. [CPL(14)4REP]





Emin Yeritsyan,


Mai 2007


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The report examines in comparative terms the varying situations regarding the  status of capitals in Council of Europe member states from the standpoint of the  principles of the European Charter of Local Self-Government. Although the  Charter does not contain any specific provisions regarding capital cities, it is  obvious that the fundamental principles of local democracy should prevail in  them too. The report pays particular attention to the meaning of capital city  status, the special administrative or legal status held by capitals, the structures  and the functioning of their executive and legislative bodies, their institutional  frameworks for self-government, the relationship of the capitals’ municipal  government with other public authorities, the division of functions between the  tiers of municipal government, etc. The report concludes that there is a variety of  situations at national level regarding the status of the capital city and this  diversity is not in contradiction with the principles and the rules of the Charter,  which can be implemented in different ways, in accordance with national  traditions, political conditions and social climate.

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