Publikation Soziale Bewegungen / Organisierung Collective Capital Formation as a Strategy for Economic Democracy - The cases of Germany and Sweden





Januar 2003


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Economic Democracy has historically been a core issue for the international labour movement. The issue has taken different forms in different socio-historical contexts, countries and traditions, in overarching terms one can say "Economic democracy comprises two central perspectives: An overarching structural perspective which concerns ownership and control of the productive means, and a strong perspective from below which is about democratic organizing, self-governance and influence."

In order to reach economic democracy the labour movement has historically shown two ways, what one can call the paritätsprinzip and the eigentumsprinzip, or the co-determination (Mitbestimmung) line and the property (Eigentum) line. The co-determination line has been the dominant within social democracy, in line with the classic reformism to limit the functionsand rights emanating from the ownership of capital - without changing the basic capitalist property conditions in itself. ...

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