Publikation Inequality / Social Struggles - Social Movements / Organizing - Gender Relations - Feminism Diversity on Common Ground

Ten perspectives on contemporary feminism



Franza Drechsel, Caroline Kim,


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What exactly is feminism? Ultimately, there might be as many different feminisms as there feminists. Yet feminism, at its core, enables a solidary relation to one another and a proximity between struggles, which, at first glance, may seem quite distant from each other indeed.

Including contributions by Sara Abbas, Victoria Furtado, Derya Binışık and Julia Wasenmüller, Liana P., Ndèye Fatou Kane, Huang Phuong Thao, Neon Cunha, Reem Amer, Miriam Pieschke and Radhika Menon.

In light of this fact, we asked womxn from different contexts to tell us what feminism means to them. Why do they call themselves feminists—or why not? What are their specific struggles? Where do feminists part ways and where do they converge? This publication collects their perspectives, which were initially brought together in a workshop called “Feminist Encounters” at the Feminist Futures Festival in autumn 2019 in Essen, Germany.