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of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung with the focus “Left-Wing Feminism”



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September 2020


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Feminist movements are gaining strength all over the world. They are among the most significant opponents of a global right-wing populism. Between 12 and 15 September 2019, the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, the Care Revolution network, and the Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie hosted the Feminist Futures Festival in the Zollverein, a former coal mine in Essen. More than 1,700 attendees, including numerous international guests from 40 different countries, exchanged experiences, debated strategies, developed connections, and created new coalitions. Apart from that, we also had a whole lot of fun together. Our conclusion? By number of attendees the festival was the largest event the RLS has organized in its history, and also one of Germany’s biggest-ever feminist events. Reason enough to make feminist (class) struggles the focus of the 2019 annual report.

We are also happy to be able to introduce you to our newly-elected Executive Board, and especially to our new Executive Director, Daniela Trochowski. Also, you will once again learn plenty of interesting and important details about our work.



Focus: Left-Wing Feminism

  • “We Have a Plan: We Want Everything!”
  • Women.Power.Politics! Two Seminars
  • Developing an International Profile: Networking and Practical Experiences
  • In Other Words, Class: Queer Perspectives
  • Push Back the Pushback: 63rd Session of the UN Commission
  • What’s Left? Equal Treatment and Equal Rights in the GDR
  • Summer Feminist Connect: Feminist Summer School in the Wendland
  • Latin America: For a Plurinational, Anti-Racist Feminism from Below
  • “Struggle Where There Is Life”: 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage
  • Projects Supported by the RLS in 2019 as Part of Left-Wing Feminism

The Institute for Critical Social Analysis

  • Learning from Our Struggles
  • Who Does the City Belong To?
  • News and Polemic: A Decade of LuXemburg
  • Fellows
  • Luxemburg Lectures 2019

The Academy for Political Education

  • Strengthening Left Local Politics through Networking
  • CAMPUS for World-Transforming Praxis Goes Digital
  • Standing United: Federal Congress of Left-Wing Spaces and Youth Centres
  • How We Learn to Win in Struggles: New Organizing Projects

The Historical Centre for Democratic Socialism

  • No Memory without an Archive, No Future without Memory

  • Repression Against Left-Wing and Emancipatory Movements in the GDR

  • Homage to Rosa Luxemburg

The RLS Network across Germany

Baden-Württemberg: World Politics Falling to Pieces

  • Bavaria: The Centenary of Kurt Eisner’s Death

  • Berlin: Class in the 21st Century

  • Brandenburg: Flowers – Love – Revolution

  • Bremen: Too Uncool, Too Dumb, Too Prole?

  • Hamburg: Message in a Bottle to the Future

  • Hesse: Dead-End Electric Car

  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Against “Centrist Extremism”

  • Lower Saxony: “The Good Life in the Country”

  • North Rhine-Westphalia: Bicycle Tour through the (Post-)Migrant Rhineland

  • Rhineland-Palatinate: Autonomy, Resistance, and Contradictions

  • Saarland: Rename the Streets—Detjen Not Neikes

  • Saxony: #Wannwennnichtjetzt Tour

  • Saxony-Anhalt: Talking about Die Wende—1989, Thirty Years On

  • Schleswig-Holstein: Women’s Bodies Do Not Belong to the State

  • Thuringia: “Home of the Labour Movement”

The Centre for International Dialogue and Cooperation

  • Global Solidarity against the Globalization of Authoritarianism

  • The Manila Initiative

  • The Climate Map 2.0

  • Europe, Save Yourself!

  • maldekstra: Global Perspectives from the Left

  • Buenos Aires: Women’s Power and More

  • New Challenges in Central Asia

  • Our International Offices


Funded Projects

The Scholarship Department

  • Sex Workers’ Struggles
  • “I’m Not the Kind of Feminist Who Takes to the Streets”: Interview with Gamila Kanew
  • Academic Trustees of the RLS

Political Communication

  • “Red Rezos” and Left-Wing Podcasts
  • The Touring Exhibition on the Treuhand
  • Selected RLS Publications

Dispatches from the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

  • Let’s Talk about Socialism: Interview with Daniela Trochowski
  • The New Building: Moving Day Approaches
  • Deeply Red and Radically Colourful: the 12th Festival of the Left
  • Haymat: A Plea for a Society of the Many
  • Educational Tours with the RLS Regional Branches
  • Art of the Collective: The Hans and Lea Grundig Prize
  • The Jörg Huffschmid Prize for Critical Political Economy
  • The RLS Subsidiaries
  • An Important Cultural and Political Force: The Erik-Neutsch-Stiftung

Human Resources Development


  • The Meeting of the General Assembly
  • The Executive Board
  • Members of the Executive Board
  • The Academic Advisory Board
  • Members of the Academic Advisory Board
  • Discussion Groups

Organizational Diagram

The RLS Budget

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