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The dark sides of international sporting events: a poster to read, hang up, and hand out!



Educational Materials

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Ulrike Lauerhaß, Nadja Dorschner,


November 2021


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The pull-out map was produced by Sinnema Animation Studio GbR with illustrations from Idan Barzilay.

From the World Cup to the Olympics: fans all over the world go crazy for major sporting events. But not everyone involved has reason to celebrate. Vital issues like human rights and climate action are often shown a red card by politicians and the sports industry. Here’s an overview of the darker side of such international events, shedding light on criticisms from fans and those affected. A pull-out map with information on the social and environmental impacts of international sporting events and examples of solidarity and resistance. To read, hang up, and pass on!

You can find more information on the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and fair play in sport at