9. Oktober 2018 Diskussion/Vortrag Artificial Intelligence and Capitalism



Seminarraum 1
Franz-Mehring-Platz 1
10243 Berlin


09.10.2018, 19:00 - 21:00 Uhr


Arbeit / Gewerkschaften, Gesellschaftstheorie, Kapitalismusanalyse, Digitaler Wandel

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Artificial Intelligence and Capitalism

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the next step in the progress of capitalist technology and maybe the next technological revolution after digitalization. So, when we consider digital capitalism today, we have to be prepared for AI Capitalism. The panel looks at historical debates about AI, on the problems on what after all AI is, and how it is already affecting the workplace and conditions of work


  • Phoebe Moore (University of Leicester): «Artificial Intelligence and Humans as Resource»
  • Frank Engster (Helle Panke Berlin): «The Production of Intelligence by Capitalist Mediation»
  • Jamie Woodcock (Oxford Internet Institute / University of Oxford): «Platform work and artificial intelligence»

An event of the junior research group «Perspektiven der Mitbestimmung in Ganzheitlichen Produktionssystemen» as apart of the conference «Kritik digitaler Arbeit». Funded by the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung. Supported by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung.



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