9. Juli 2020 Diskussion/Vortrag Training for Change

The Ulex Project and the Ecology of Social Movements





09.07.2020, 18:30 - 21:00 Uhr


Soziale Bewegungen / Organisierung, Sozialökologischer Umbau, Klimagerechtigkeit

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Training for Change

Gee will talk about the Ulex Project, which provides training to build capacity within European social movements. He will discuss how the programme is designed  to support five key dimensions of movement capacity: Narrative, Disruptive, Institutional, Resilience and Prefigurative capabilities. This will focus on the Ecology of Social Movement training, which explores the challenges involved in building collective agency that integrates the range of roles and plurality of strategies for transformation that are found in today’s diverse social movements.

Gee is the Programme Director of the Ulex Project, a collective run activist training project based in Catalunya. He has been involved in activist education for several decades. The focus of his current work is strategy building for Climate Justice and supporting resilient and effective movement responses that counter the rise of authoritarian and far right political tendencies.


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