Veranstaltungen der RLS und des Netzwerks »transform!« 
Thursday 1slotΒ2(745, 753, 751)SOCIAL MOVEMENTS, TRADE UNIONS, AND POLITICSStratégie du mouvementEspaces Marx( Fr); Union Syndicale Solidaires, France; Romanian Social Forum; CGIL Italy; Rete Delle Camere del lavoroEn-Ro-Gr; Fr-Ro-Gr; It-Fr-Ro
Thursday 1slot  Development, cooperation, social needs: democracy in scientific research is necessary for a genuine knowledge based economy Fédération mondiale des travailleurs scientifique,  International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility, Union générale des ingénieurs et cadres CGT (France),  Fédération de l’éducation, de la recherche et de la culture CGT (France),  Syndicat national des travailleurs de la recherche scientifique CGT (France), Syndicat national de l’enseignement supérieur-FSU, Fondation Sciences citoyennes (France),  Federation Nacional dos Professores (Portugal), Transform-Italie, Espaces Marx  (France)Fr/ It/ en/ger
Thursday 1slotC114, 133, 135, 165For a Medicin Public Pole in EuropeDroits sociaux, services publics, protection sociale.espaces marx, Roza Luxemburg stiftung, hungarian social forum 
Thursday 1slotΒ(792, 807)Globalisation, Real-Estate Speculation and theUrban politics and local struggle-Initiative for the Right to the City, Greece,  Ruhr District Tenants Forum/Habitat Netz, Germany,  London Tenants Federation, U.K, Transform! Italia/Network for a Participative Master Plan, Rome, Italy HIC Housing and Landrights Network (HLRN), Cairo, EgGreek, English, French
Thursday 1slot  Fighting precarity and social exclusion Greek Social ForumGreek/ En/ Fr/ It/ Turk
Thursday 2slotA For a European citizenship of residence,and the right to vote for foreigner reidents: the situation and how to fight againstMigrations en EuropeASCER + AEDH (EU), APDHA (ES), ARCI (IT) , (FR), LDH (FR),  LDH hellène (GR), TRANSFORM , Espace Marx(fr) ; le Réseau Migrations et citoyenneté ; Mouvement fédéraliste européen  ; sos racismo (spain)FROM- Greek, English, French, Italian–TO- English ; Greek ; French ;, Spanish.
Thursday 2slotB10(739, 737, 778, 729, 735)Presentation of researchers' outcomes on Democracy in movements: How global movements are changing politicsStratégie du mouvement DEMOS, Euromovements and Transform! ItaliaFrom English, French, Italian, and Spanish to Greek, French, English, and Turquoise
Thursday 2slotC(83,  91, 92, 93)Opposing the populist far right and fascism in Europe: fighting against neo-liberalism and racismDiscriminations, Racisme, Extrême-droite.NAAR, Espaces Marx, Transform!, Young democrats / young leftgrec, anglais, français, allemand, polonais
Thursday 2slotW
The challenges of pan-European left journalismEducation, Culture, Médias.Eurotopia (magazines Epohi;Avgi; Red Pepper; Carta, El Veijo Topo, Feral Tribune, Mladina, Politis, Iprog plus Nicos Poulantzas Institute, Transnational Institute; Transform! Italia.)From: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Greek Into: Greek, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian
Thursday 2slotC(608, 612, 610, 804, 30)Rethinking Europe: New actors, new rolesOù va l’UE ?ATTAC-Germany, CIDEFE, Espace Marx, ENDYL, Rouge and transform! 
Thursday 3slotΑ  40-80(118, 172, 191,  740)Knowledge as a Common GoodEducation, Culture, Médias.charter of principles of another europe, critical network, austrian social forum, Arci, Euromovements, Transform!ItaliaFrench, English, Italian, German
Thursday 3slotB8 Social equalization: struggles for social and political rights against social exclusion of migrants and refugees.Migrations en EuropeTransform + Antiracist Initiative of Thessaloniki, ACTION (Italia) + EDOTH: Federation of Public Sector Workers Unions of Thessaloniki, +  Greek Migrant’s Forum, +  Association of Migrants Women from Africa – Greece, + Odysseas – Initiative for teaching Greek language to migrants and refugees+ european network for the right to health / peoples health movement 
Friday 1slotB733, 731, 716, 749, 752Reinventing politics in a era of networks and movementsStratégie du mouvement Protect the Future; Transform!Italia; Initiatives for Another World + Terrazul; Punto Russo, Fronesis, Transnational InstituteFROM: English, Portugese, Italian, French TO: English, Greek, French, Spanish, German, Hungarian
Friday 1slotB(746, 801, 796, 797, 798, 802)Participatory Governance in European Cities: struggling against or abiding for neoliberalism?Urban politicsAthina Poli Anoihti, Greece, Trasform Europe, Groupe AGCS Du Forum Social De Belgique, Confederation of Trade Unions of Public Sector Workers in Turkey, Institute for Globalization Studies, Russia, Habitat Net / Ruhr District Tenants ForumEnglish, French, Spanish, Greek
Friday 1slotC Towards economic democracy : defending, renewing and democratizing public servicesLa place du travailRéseau européen d'élus progressistes, CIDEFE, Espaces Marx, Transform Europe, charter of principles of another europeFr, En, Gr, German, Italian
Friday 1slotB Health, Drugs and Research as a Public GoodDroits sociaux, services publics, protection sociale.european network for the right to health / peoples health movementEnglish, Greek, Turkish, French,  German, Italian
Friday 1slotW Europe must Respond to the Challenges of People’s Health, not to the 'Challenges of Globalisation'Droits sociaux, services publics, protection sociale.rosa-luxemburg-stiftung 
Friday 1slotW Global economy - working conditions and social struggles in Eastern EuropePrécarité, pauvreté, exclusion.rosa-luxemburg-stiftung 
Friday 2slotΑ(593, 595, 596, 599, 41)Common Europe: civic integration or neoliberal EU political project?”Où va l’UE ?Charter of our principles of another Europe), IPROG (Russioa), ARCI (Italy), Hungarian Social Forum) Hungary, Transform EuropeGreek, Polish, Russian, Italian, Hungarian
Friday 2slotΑ(739, 737, 778, 729, 735)Dialogues between theory and practice; Dialogues between researchers, activists and activist researchers.Stratégie du mouvementFondation sciences citoyennes, Centre for the study of social and global justice (Nottingham), DEMOS, Euromovements, TNI and Transform!  Italia, Common memory projectFrom English, French, Italian, and Spanish to Greek, French, English, and Turquoise
Friday 2slotB Migrant labour and migrant struggles in the process of precariousnessMigrations en EuropeFrrassanito + CGIL + Transform +  CGT + Migreurop/Ipam + ARCI , Conféderation of Trade Unions of Public sector of Turkey ; All Russian confederation of laborGreek/, En/ Fr/ Turk/ Rus/it
Friday 2slotΒ6(696, 756,  776)Socialism, Communism and Human Emancipation in the 21st CenturyStratégie du mouvementTransform! Europe, Russian Social Social ForumFrench, English, Italian, German
Friday 2slotB(40, 63, 523, 523, 503)Towards Economic Democracy: Democracy in enterprisesLa place du travailTransform Europe, Espaces Marx, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Nicos Poulantzas Institute, IPROG, SCOP, Charter for another Europe, Hungarian Social ForumGreek, English, Russian, French
Friday 2slotC(28, 62, 56, 57, 43)Constitution building process in the EUDémocratie et Droits fondamentauxAttac D - Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro – Mehr-Demokratie - Movimento Federalista Europeo - Pour la République Sociale - Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung - Young Democrats/Young LeftFrom French, German, Italian to English, French and Greek
Friday 2slotD Rethinking Europe: What democratic refoundation of EuropeOù va l’UE ?Transform Europe, Projet K, Attac, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Hungarian social forumEnglish, French, Italian, German, Greek
Friday 2slot  crisis of urban periphery,reason Espaces Marx,Transform!fr/en/greek
Friday 2slot  "Free Trade": A recipe for mass unemployment and the degradation of worker's rights Seattle To Brussels network; CGIL Italy, attac France; Espaces MarxFr/ iI/ En
Friday 2slot  Alternative European Economic Policies : the European social model(s), labour, and macro economics" attac d, charter of principlesn of another Europe, euro memo group, espaces Marx, attac franceEn/ Fr/ Ger
Friday 2slotW The role of educational processes in local social and political processes Education, Culture, Médias.rosa-luxemburg-stiftung 
Friday 3slot  MOVIMIENTOS SOCIALES, PARTIDOS DE IZQUIERDA Y GOBIERNOS PROGRESIVOS DE AMERICA LATINA. PROBLEMAS ESTRATEGICOS Y EL PODER.L’Europe dans la mondialisation libéraleTransform K,  ospaal,  Project K,  Foro Social Griego,   fal,  Initiatives por un autre monde, Venezuela Information Center 
Friday 3slotΑ Left parties in governmentStratégie du mouvementrosa-luxemburg-stiftung, initiatives pour un autre monde 
Friday 3slotΒ Turkey and Europe: the view of the left Nikos Poulatzas Institute, Transform!Greek, Turkish, French, English
Friday 3slotW The Southern Africa struggle to stop neoliberism and promote an alternative Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, ANSA 
Saturday 1slotW From Marx to Rosa Luxemburg and Nikos Poulatzas: Socialism and democracyStratégie du mouvementNICOS POULANTZAS INSTITUTE 
Saturday 1slotW Participatory Budget : what to expect of it?Urban politicsAthina Poli Anoihti, Nikos poulatzas Institute, FIM, Rosa Luxemburg Shiftung