Video | Südasien Global Crisis - Global Solidarity #7

Global Crisis - Global Solidarity #7


V.K. Ramachandram,



Kerala’s Communists against Corona. With Prof. V.K. Ramachandram, Vice Chairperson, State Planning Board, Government of Kerala.

India is one of the countries hardest-hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with total cases topping 900,000 and continuing surge. One modest, positive exception to this trend has been the southern Indian state of Kerala, governed by the Left Democratic Front, an alliance of Communist and socialist parties. Under the slogan of “Physical Distance, Social Unity”, the left government mobilized civil society to participate in the government’s public health measures while also ensuring that Kerala’s most vulnerable were not left behind during the lockdown. As the crisis in India worsens, we invite Prof. V.K. Ramachandram of the Kerala State Planning Board to learn more about the state’s response, the role of socialist politics in the state, and how it compares to the performance of India’s right-wing national government as a whole.