Publikation Geschlechterverhältnisse - Gesellschaftstheorie - Globalisierung Hyun-Ok Lee

Beitrag zur Konferenz "Gerechtigkeit oder Barbarei" Interkontinentales Forum vom 5. bis 6. Oktober 2000 in Berlin





Oktober 2000


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Gerechtigkeit oder Barbarei.

Interkontinentales Forum vom 5. bis 6. Oktober 2000

Mein Name ist Hyunok Lee. Ich hoffe mit einem freien Geist zu leben. Augenblicklich bin ich eine Studentin Politikwissenschaften der Yonsei Universität in Seoul. Daneben arbeite ich für PICIS (Policy & information center for international solidarity). Ich bin sehr an feministischer Theorie interessiert und versuche daher die Welt mit einer „gender-based“ Perspektive zu interpretieren.


An folgenden Projekten war ich bisher beteiligt:



Joined 'People's International Solidarity in Seoul' by PICIS, established Feminist Magazine 'Two Lips'


Organized '1st Menstruation Festival', Established Young Feminist Publishing Group 'Moon & Lips'


Joined 'Policy & Information Center for Int'l Solidarity', Participated as co-author of the book 'I'm Feminist' - a book about the feminist movement in universities.


Presently preparing the new book about patriarchy within the progressive movement in Korea. I have also been active in various political groups within the university, those mainly fighting for women's rights and student autonomy.


PICIS (Policy and Information Center for International Solidarity)


What is the Policy and Information Center for International Solidarity(PICIS)?

Based in South Korea, the Policy and Information Center for International Solidarity(PICIS) is an organization which was formed with the purpose of strengthening the basis for international solidarity through the exchange of policy and information with foreign and international progressive forces, and to go beyond mere exchange towards a joint struggle with the oppressed workers and people of the world.

What has the Policy and Information Center for International Solidarity(PICIS) done?



Sep :

held a Forum on 'European Union and Leftist Movement in Europe'

Nov :

held a Forum on 'Mexican Zapatista' joined Organizing Committee of Seoul Labor Media


joined People's Victory 21 and published English PV21 Newsletter


Feb :

participated in Peoples' Global Action in Geneva

Sep :

Joined Organizing Committee and Secretariat of People's International Conference in Seoul

Nov :

participated in 'Alternatives to Globalization Conference in Philippines' participated in 'APPA against APEC'


Jan :

participated in 'Another Davos '

Feb :

Held workshop titled "From the UR, IMF to the Millenium Round"

Jun :

Organized and Participated in the 6.18 People's Global Action Day of Action

Participated in the ATTAC International Conference

Participated in 'Action Network Against Neo-Liberalism' ASEED Korea

Sep :

Part of Organizing Committee for 'People's Action Against Investment Treaties and the Millenium Round'

Nov :

Organized and Participated in the International Day of Action Against the Millenium Round in Korea; Participated in the Actions in Seattle



Mar :

Participated in the alternative forum at the UNCTAD meetings in Bangkok

Apr :

Participated in the demonstrations and people's meetings in Washington.

May :

Organized Actions and forums against negotiations for the Korea-Japan

What does the Policy and Information Center for International Solidarity(PICIS) do?


The PICIS Newsletter Team: Since January 1998, PICIS has been publishing a bi-weekly newsletter(PICIS Newsletter) in English carrying the latest news of the progressive sector in Korea, as well as the Korean people's views and perspectives on international issues. Also PICIS has been hosting a bi-weekly internet news broadcast called Yun-Dai(Solidarity) to provide subscribers of the PICIS Newsletter with a deeper understanding of the history and culture of the Korean Left and its struggles. (Newsletter:; Yun-dai broadcast:


The International News Team: Since March 1998, PICIS has been publishing a weekly magazine(International News) in Korea, carrying the struggles of international and foreign progressive forces. Also offers progressive views and perspectives to the Korean people on international events and issues. Hosts a weekly internet news broadcast called, International News, in Korean.


Fighting for women workers' rights : Recently PICIS Has been raising issues on women's rights as immigrant workers with SWTU(Seoul Women's Trade Union). PICIS is one of the co-hosts of the conference of APWLD(Asian Pacific Forum on Woman, Law & Development) which is supposed to be held in November in Seoul. PICIS has also been holding forums on how women's rights are deteriorating with neoliberalism and focuses especially on the situation of women workers and their struggles against global capital.


The Trans-national Capital Counteraction Team: Organizes actions and struggles against investment treaties and conferences of international organizations in solidarity with trade unions, human rights organizations, environmental organizations, civic organizations, and other progressive organizations in Korea. Of the activities that PICIS is raising, KoPA is noteworthy.


KoPA - "All People of the World, Unite Against the WTO New Round"

(in the People's Action's first rally on Sep. 15,1999)


KOPA(former People's Action) is.......


This is "Korean People's Action against Investment Treaties and the WTO New Round"(KoPA). KoPA, launched on Sep. 15, 1999, is composed of more than 25 social, labor and civic movement organizations, such as Korean Confederation of Trade Unions(KCTU), People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy(PSPD), Green Korea, Korea Federation of Environmental Movements(KFEM), Seoul Women's Trade Union(SWTU), SARANGBANG for Human Rights, Solidarity Committee for Strengthening Public Health Care, Korean Professors' Committee for Democratization, Korean Lawyers' Group for Democratic Society, People's Solidarity for Social Progress(PSSP), Korean Institute for Labor Studies and Policies(KILSP), Korean House for International Solidarity(KHIS), and the Policy and Information Center for International Solidarity(PICIS).


KoPA campaigns against neo-liberalism and international organizations such as the IMF, Investment Treaties, and the WTO. We have also held numerous workshops and public discussion meetings on the WTO New Round and Bilateral/Multilateral Investment Treaties, and published several books for the education of activists and citizens.


How to Contact Us.

Address: PICIS, 2nd floor, 696 Shindaibang 1-dong, Dongjak-Gu, Seoul, Korea
Fax: 82 2 834 8334
Tel: 82 2 834 8335

To subscribe to the PICIS Newsletter, send a message to with 'subscribe inter-picis' as the only text in the message.