Publikation Rassismus / Neonazismus - Westeuropa Successes of the Right – failures of the Left?

The development of right-wing liberal, right-wing conservative and right-wing populist parties in Western Europe. Study by Tanja Binder.





Januar 2010


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  • The dominance of right-wing parties in Western Europe
  • Right-wing parties – where they come from and what unites them
  • Challenges to both liberal and conservative parties
  • The “newcomers”: populist right-wing parties
  • The voter base of right-wing parties
  • The social base of right-wing parties
  • The programmatic renewal of the political Right
  • The state as guarantee of security
  • The reactions to the economic crisis
  • The revitalization of Christian values and national identity
  • Democracy as an instrument of power
  • The Right’s new canon of values
  • The strategies of right-wing parties
  • New organizational structures
  • The new political bedfellows
  • Important social allies of right-wing parties
  • The media – partners or victims?
  • Reasons for the dominance of the political Right
  • Suggested further reading



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