Heinrich Dorrenbach


– Lieutenant; SPD; imprisoned for two months in 1917 for attempted desertion; acted as agitator in the January strike in Berlin in 1918; established a “Red Guard” in the Reichstag together with Richard Müller on 9 November 1918 – which, however, did not last very long; among the initiators of the People’s Naval Division on 11 November 1918; member of the leadership of the People’s Naval Division, and from 9 December 1918 member of the People’s Naval Division’s committee of five alongside Fritz Radtke, Emil Milewski, Adolph Hillebrandt and Wilhelm Friedrich Rädel; joined the USPD in late December 1918; led the military uprising during the January Riots in 1919; murdered in prison on 18 May 1919 – specifically, by Ernst Tamschick, the same police officer who had already murdered Leo Jogiches on 10 March 1919.