Letter to Clara Zetkin

Berlin, December 1918

Dearest Klara!

     I was so happy about the news that you are doing better. A heavy weight fell from my heart, and I was able to go back to work so refreshed. Now I am again waiting with longing for further news of how you are doing.

     The work here is developing splendidly. Our friend Münzenberg will do the best job of telling you about it more fully. Also about my and our views on the most important questions.

     As soon as you are back to normal we will talk about the work. We here are in the process, among other things, of laying the basis for the work with women and for educational work. We are still weak, unfortunately. Käte D[uncker] is very ill and not capable of doing much. And other than that we have no forces!

     I myself am so much in tumult and turmoil that I have no time to even think about how l am. "C'est la revolution."  If only I knew that you were well, then for me everything would go splendidly.

     A thousand greetings to all of you, sent in haste.

     I embrace you with all my heart, your RL

Quoted by Rosa Luxemburg: The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg, edited by George Adler, Peter Hudis and Annelies Laschitza, translated by George Shriver, Verso 2011, p. 489.