Letter to Clara Zetkin

Berlin, December 26, 1918

Dearest, I just received the lines you wrote on December 23. That I should come visit you now is unthinkable, I can't abandon the paper [Rote Fahne] for even one day. The prospect that you would come here gives me a thousand reasons to rejoice.

     Here you have friends waiting for you longingly, also a vast field of operations, and me with open arms. My little home is naturally at your disposal and awaits you. From now on I will send you the Rote Fahne myself every day. Write as soon as possible whether and when you are coming. The thought of it makes me happy.

     I embrace you with all my heart, as ever, your RL

Quoted by Rosa Luxemburg: The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg, edited by George Adler, Peter Hudis and Annelies Laschitza, translated by George Shriver, Verso 2011, p. 489.