Letter to Franz Mehring

Rosa Luxemburg on 18 November 1918

My honourable friend,

I cannot tell you how much it vexes me that I haven’t been able to rush to you and clasp your hand. But since the moment I got out of the train in Berlin I haven’t even set foot in my apartment in Südende, and have been staying at the hotel. You can judge from that how much I’m drowning in work here. The first issue was: finally publishing the paper1. I cannot wait to hear your opinion and to have your advice. We were all overjoyed when friend X informed us that we would soon be able to grace the Fahne with your article and your name. I am greatly looking forward to it. I hope I will finally be able to rush to you in the next few days. It made me glad to hear that you have been healthy and that you are happy and can work. Our dutiful and kind ... has been assisting and working with great devotion, his assistance has been indispensible at every step. Just these quick warm regards in all haste, and until soon!


Rosa Luxemburg

1 the «Rote Fahne»

Quote taken from Rosa Luxemburg’s Gesammelte Werke, Vol. 5, p. 417.

Translated by Zachary Murphy King.